Types and making of restricters

A claustral cell is a special small antfarm, designed for a single queen. There are two main types of claustral cells. If you find a single queen, make sure she belongs to a species capable of grounding a nest alone, before putting her in a claustral cell!

Test-tube claustral cell

Put a single queen in a test-tube, give her some honey and put a piece of cotton on the entrance/exit so that she can't get out. You should regularly moisturize the cotton.

Claustral cell

Its construction is a little bit more complicated, but ants feel better in it. Cut two equaly large pieces of glas (the lower piece can be everything that can be used for bottom and the upper can be transparent plastic). Its size should be about 5X5 cm. Put a ring out of cotton between them. Its thickness should be about 0,5 cm (more or less depending on the size of the queen). Put a 1:1 mixture of sand and soil, but not tightly, so that the queen can dig in it. You should regularly moisturize it and you should give her some honey once (usually she eats just a little and covers the rest with soil). The claustral cell should be kept horizontal.

??????????? ?????
On the left - a claustral cell without upper glas and ant, on the right - ready and populated.

??????????? Lasius sp.
A claustral cell with a Lasius sp. queen with eggs.

??????????? Formica sp.
A claustral cell with a Formica (Serviformica) sp. queen with puppae.